Champion’s Circle

Sometimes it feels as if we are always waiting for a breakthrough and a shift in circumstances. Is there a way to expedite the process and manifest our dreams faster?

One crucial component in achieving dreams is having a dream team!

Ordained relationships and dream teams are crucial for the journey. We must differentiate between those we are called to love and pray for and those we are called to run with. 

Love all, but run with those are like-minded, like-spirited, enthusiastic, and hopeful. Above all, run with those who WANT you to win your race and will do everything they can to assist you in crossing that finish line!


“Too much association with visionless people will blur your vision until you finally lose sight of your true identity.” ~ Clement Ogedegbe

We invite you to participate in Champion’s Circle. Those who do experience change QUICKLY, because they draw strength through our COMMUNITY. We are supportive, fun, encouraging folk who desire for you to excel as much as you do!

Do your current associations reflect who you truly are and where you are going?

Run with us this fall, and catapult into a realm of dreaming and achieving you have not yet experienced.

Fall session began on September 6th, but it’s not too late to sign up and catch up. Email us at if you are interested in jumping in.